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Florida Congressman John Mica compared giving budget autonomy to District residents to giving budget autonomy to his children.

“Well, when my kids were young teenagers, they always wanted budget autonomy too,” said Mica.

Mica later said, “As long as they are minding their P’s and Q’s, so to say, I think the government can back off. But we must remain vigilant.”

Florida congressman: Giving budget autonomy to DC is like giving - DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG

This makes me so angry I can’t see straight anymore.

Here’s a Republican telling me that Congress knows how to spend my money better than my city.

The irony on this one is so unfathomable, I can’t even begin.

(via tbridge)

Aside from the plain ridiculousness that I was apparently a competent adult, able to elect and hold accountable people who could administer their own jurisdictions’ funds when I lived in Virginia, and became a child incapable of the same thing three years ago upon moving less than 13 miles into the District…

As offensive as that is, it’s more offensive that this is almost certainly driven by not-even-that-subtle racism. DC was majority black 50+ years until recently. The elected District government is still majority black. The District has never had a white mayor. And, coincidentally, DC is populated by “kids” who can’t govern themselves and have to mind our P’s and Q’s to have the right to spend our own money, as if that is some kind of privilege given by a paternal Congress to teach us responsibility. THIS is what your elected officials think of me and my neighbors.

Think I’m overreacting? When Walter Washington, the first mayor of DC, sent his budget to Congress, the chair of the House Committee on the District of Columbia responded by having a truckload of watermelons delivered to Washington’s house. And yeah, that was in 1967, and it wasn’t John Mica, but if you think that kind of stuff is dead then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

So yeah, call your Congresscritters and tell them it’s important to YOU, as an adult, responsible voter, that they support H.R. 292/S.132, the New Columbia Admission Act. Our local statehood organizations have been doing a lot of great work in asking the elected officials from the neighboring states/districts to cosponsor, and being reasonably successful, so it’s a great time to add to the momentum.

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